Inevitable meets need previous vacant in Lockhart


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Lockhart’s geographic setting, agricultural history, and available resources made it a prime location for Inevitable Technology, which took over the operations locally from the former Iron Ox Inc. on Reed Drive.

Inevitable will operate in similar fashion, only opening a more public business with the only commercial nursery in the area.

Inevitable grows a variety of produce, including in-season vegetables and fruits (tomatoes, herbs, and flowers, more than 300 varieties. It seeds more than 20,000 plants monthly and expects to have some surplus available for the community.

Inevitable ‘s climate-controlled environment allows it to grow plants year-round, allowing its inventory to go far beyond produce originally grown by Iron Ox.

Most recently, according to a spokesperson, Inevitable has expanded into floriculture to focus on native and adapted plants.

Inevitable obtained its nursery-floral license in 2023 and has opened to the public as a wholesale nursery since Dec. 11, 2023.

Inevitable’s business hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m., and Saturday 10 a.m. 2 p.m. The hours may change as the weather warms and perhaps a demand for extended hours.

Inevitable grows Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center-approved native and adapted plants, as well as Texas A&M recommended vegetables and herbs. Right now, we have nearly 200 varieties growing. Each Monday, the business posts its weekly greenhouse inventory and availability on its social media accounts — Instagram and Facebook.

It can be found on Facebook at Inevitable.Homegrown, Instagram at Inevitablehomegrowntx; and via its website at

“Because we are wholesale and our primary customers are nurseries, our inventory is always rotating,” said Angie Tripp, Director of Business Operations for Inevitable. “We also grow various food and flower varieties commercially for a number of different types of businesses. If you need a lot of something grown, let us know. We really can grow anything we want anytime we want.”

Inevitable strives to make healthy, affordable food more accessible. It services commercial growers, florists, farmers, restaurants, and landscapers with healthy, robust flower and produce seedlings. And, at the request of its grower customers, Inevitable provides agricultural research services, leveraging the expertise of its team of plant scientists.

Many of Iron Ox’s former Lockhart employees now work for Inevitable Technology, yet Inevitable is a far smaller team than was Iron Ox.

“The mission of Iron Ox and Inevitable Technology are the same: both companies want to develop technology that will help to solve food security concerns, contribute to eliminating food waste, and make affordable, healthy food available regardless of changing climate, growing world populations, and diminishing resources,” Tripp said.

“We chose Lockhart because of the region’s favorable climate and dependable water resources. Lockhart has a rich history rooted in agriculture, and its commitment to farming traditions adds a unique layer of support and understanding from the community.

Lockhart’s strategic position within the Texas Triangle enhances accessibility to urban centers like Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, presenting ample opportunities for market reach and business growth.”

Tripp wants the public to know that Inevitable is open to the public now and “we want them to come visit us. We decided to open our facility to the public because we wanted to fill a market need. I don’t want to drive all the way to Austin or San Antonio when I want to garden, and I certainly don’t want to go somewhere where the quality of the plants is questionable and they don’t care whether they are selling invasive species that negatively impact our ecosystem. I want to shop locally any chance I get, and I think the folks in Lockhart and surrounding areas would agree with me.

“I also want people to know we have several growing partners locally right here in Lockhart and we are hoping to expand that list. Iʼd also want them to know that the technology that Inevitable is developing is very exciting and we hope will have a major impact on agriculture throughout the US and maybe even the world. Thatʼs something that they can take pride in.”

Inevitable’s CEO, Lucy Kempton, lives in California.


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