Junior High Track results


Here are first place finishers from last week’s meet. The next LJHS track meet is Wednesday, March 1, in Lockhart. 

First place winners

8th Grade Boys

2400 Meters — Ethan Herrera 

4×100 Relay — (Peyton Jackson, Nathan Roland, Malik Hill, Kaidyn Roland)

110 Meters — Hurdles Joseph Ancira

100 Meters — Kaidyn Roland

4×200 Relay — (Evan Estrada, Bob Estrada, Avery Ybarra, Peyton Jackson)

300-Meter Hurdles — Joseph Ancira

200 Meters — Kaidyn Roland

4×400 Relay — (Adan Alonso, Kadon Moebes, Nathan Roland, Evan Estrada) 

Long Jump — Kaidyn Roland

Triple Jump — Kadon Moebes

Shot Put — Porfirio Vasquez 

8th Grade Girls

4×100 — Relay Beah St Leger Jordann Deutsch Mia Lewis Peyton Johnson 

100-Meter Hurdles — Ayva Davila

100 Meters — Peyton Johnson

4×200 Relay — Lindakay Westmoreland Beah St Leger Jordann Deutsch Mia Lewis

200 Meters — Peyton Johnson

High Jump — Peyton Johnson

Discus — Jada Lopez

7th Girls

100-Meter Hurdles — Jaslynn Perez

4×200 Relay — Kenya Wright Bridgett Caddell Jaslynn Perez Tajihory Horn

Shot Put — Gabriela Garcia

High Jump — Lacey Holcomb and Bridgett Caddell


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