Jury finds area man guilty of felony DWI


A Caldwell County jury found Richard Barnett guilty of the felony offense of Driving While Intoxicated late Tuesday afternoon. Although for legal reasons the jury only heard evidence of two prior DWI convictions, this conviction was Barnett”s sixth driving while intoxicated conviction.
Driving While Intoxicated with two prior convictions is normally a third-degree felo

ny. Because of the number of DWI convictions, Barnett could be sentenced to life imprisonment when he next appears before Judge Todd Blomerth, presiding judge of the 421st District Court. If the Court finds certain enhancements true, the range of punishment is 25 years to life in prison.
Trey Hicks and Josh Erwin prosecuted the case on behalf of the District Attorney”s Office. Barnett was represented in court by Victoria Brown.
Barnett was arrested for driving while intoxicated on Aug. 26, 2005 after a Lockhart police officer spotted him driving without headlights on Highway 183. He was pulled over around midnight.
In other Court news, Rene Gonzales was convicted two weeks ago for the offenses of Aggravated Kidnapping and Aggravated Sexual Assault. Gonzales” offense occurred in November 2002. Gonzales was indicted in early 2003.
The case was prosecuted by Gretchen Choe and Josh Erwin on behalf of the District Attorney”s Office. Gonzales was represented by Peter Bloodworth and Jerry Howeth. The case was heard in front of Judge Todd Blomerth.
(Courtesy of Trey Hicks)


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