L.J.H. football ends season


8th Grade “Maroon” Team
The Lockhart Lions” 8th grade “maroon” team held their own on the field against Wallace for their last game on Tuesday, Oct. 25. However, their tough efforts weren”t enough against their district competitor as they lost, 20-24.
The Lions” touchdowns were made by Cody James on a 45-yard run, David Dihn on an 8-yard run, and Brian Martinez

on a 3-yard run.
Defensively, the Lions made some big tackles by Samuel Yanez. Brian Martinez forced a turnover on Wallace with an interception.
“We are extremely proud of these young men,” Coach Gifford Whitehead said. “The worked very hard each and every day this season, and we just can”t say enough about their efforts.”
The team ended their season with a 2-3 district record and a 3-5-1 season record.

8th Grade “White” Team
The Lockhart Lions” 8th grade “white” team pulled out an 18-0 shutout victory over Wallace on Tuesday evening.
The Lions scored from passing touchdowns made by quarterback Tyler Tolley to Charles Steward on a 25-yard pass and Sergio Juarez on a 30-yard pass. Tolley carried the ball past the goal line from the 10-yard line for the third touchdown.
Defensively, the Lions had their sixth shutout game of the season.
“It”s hard to loose with a defense like that,” Coach Chris Mata said. “This has been a great year for this group of guys. A year like this will help motivate them into their freshman year.
“I think we can expect great things from this bunch of kids, and it has been a pleasure being their coach,” he added.
The Lions” district record is 4-1 and their overall record is 7-2.

7th Grade “Maroon” Team
The Lockhart Lions” 7th grade “maroon” team suffered a loss, 30-14, from Wallace on Tuesday.
Brooks Pittman made the Lions” touchdowns on a 60-yard run and 55-yard run. Pittman totaled over 150 yards rushing.
Todd Wimberly completed a two-point conversion after catching a pass from quarterback Jacob Alvarez.
Defensively, the Lions struggled stopping Wallace”s two big runningbacks who scored on a 60-yard drive, a 42-yard drive, and a 30-yard drive.
“The guys played a great game,” Coach Mark Elder said. “We had two turnovers in the second half that cost us. They guys have improved a great deal through the season. We look forward to off-season so that we can be bigger, faster and stronger next year.”

7th Grade “White” Team
The Lockhart Lions” 7th grade “white” team suffered from a shutout defeat, 22-0, by Wallace on Tuesday.
The Lions could move the ball offensively. The team turned the ball over to Wallace six times.
Defensively, Bryce Allen and Edmond Brillion made several big tackles for Lockhart.
“The Lions finished a tough season, but remain optimistic as they prepare for off-season,” Coach Russell Krenek said. “This was a great learning experience for the team, and we are eager to get bigger, faster and stronger to further develop their new football knowledge.”

(Courtesy of Gifford Whitehead, Chris Mata, Mark Elder, and Russell Krenek)


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