Lady Lions fall 68-24 to New Braunfels


By Alonzo Garza

The icy storm that paralyzed Central Texas last week had a devastating affect on our Lion and Lady Lion basketball teams. The freeze seemed to have zapped our teams of any and all ability to fight their opponents on the court. This was evident in the games that I covered on Thursday, Jan. 18 and Saturday, Jan. 20. As hard as the pla

yed, the Lions and Lady Lions could not get a win. All three Lion and Lady Lion teams ended with a hard fought loss for each of their games.
The Lady Lions could not play the New Braunfels Unicorns on Tuesday because of the icy conditions across the I-35 corridor so they rescheduled their games to Thursday night. The Lion basketball teams rescheduled their games against the Del Valle Cardinals to Saturday noon instead of Friday night. Perhaps the change of schedule had something to do with the losses? Maybe it was the weather? Whatever the cause, the Lions and Lady Lions got cold feet out on the court.
The Freshmen Lady Lions lost to the Lady Unicorns with a score of 22-71. The Junior Varsity Lady Lions lost to the Lady Unicorns with a score of 32-79 and the Varsity Lady Lion team lost to New Braunfels with a score of 68-24.

The Freshmen Lady Lion game was tough. They were almost shut out in the first quarter. The Freshmen Lady Unicorns put 20 points on the scoreboard and allowed only two points from the Lady Lions. The two points came from Amanda Alvarez. Scoring ended with New Braunfels ahead with a score of 20-2.
The second quarter was the best quarter for the Freshmen Lady Lions. They really woke up and were ready to fight for the ball. They scored 14 points and kept the Lady Unicorns from making more than 16 points. The 14 points were divided between Andrea McKinney who made a couple of two pointers for a total of four points, Desirea Winn earned five points with a two pointer and three free throws, Alisha Officer made three free throws and Jocelyn Coleman made a two pointer. The first half ended with the Unicorns ahead and a score of 36-16.
The second half of the game was hard for the Lady Lions. As hard as they tried they could not make a single basket during the third quarter. They finished the quarter with a 16-50 score and the Unicorns racing away with a win.
The fourth quarter was equally difficult for the freshmen team even if they did make six more points. Scoring in the fourth came from Officer with a two pointer and a free throw, McKinney with a two pointer and Winn with one free throw. The quarter ended with the Unicorns running away with the game and a final score of 22-71.

Junior Varsity
The Junior Varsity Lady Lions had a tough game also. They scored in the single digits during the first three quarters and only made the double digits with 11 points in the final quarter. The Unicorns were consistent in their scoring with 19 points being their lowest score in a quarter and 21 points being their highest score in a quarter. Scoring for the Lady Lions was Jessi Greer with a couple of two pointers. The first quarter ended with a 4-19 score.
The JV Lady Lions doubled their scoring in the second quarter. Unfortunately, the Lady Unicorns added another 21 points to their scoring. Scoring for the Lady Lions were Leslie Jacobs and Teie Harris with a two pointer and a free throw each and Greer with two free throws. Scoring ended at 12-40.
During the third quarter the Lady Lions added nine points to their score and the Lady Unicorns added 20 points to theirs. Scoring for the Lions were Harris with a two pointer and a free throw and Bethany Horton, Amara Garza and Jacobs with a two pointer each. The third quarter ended with a score of 21-60.
The final quarter ended with the Lions adding 11 points and the Unicorns adding 19 points to the scoreboard. Scoring for the Lions in the fourth were Jania Michaelson and Greer each with a couple of two pointers and a free throw and Cortney Ferris with a free throw. Scoring in the game ended at 32-79.

The Varsity Lady Lions were not shown any mercy by the Varsity Lady Unicorns. They too were put to the test out on the court. Even though the Lady Lions came out strong in the first quarter, they could not keep up with the pace of the galloping Lady Unicorns. The Lady Lions earned 11 points and allowed the Lady Unicorns to gain16 points in the first quarter. Scoring for the Lions came from Desiree Roland with a couple of two pointers and a free throw for a total of five points, Adrian Carter with three free throws, Chelsy Martinez with a two pointer and Mariah Carter with a free throw. Scoring in the first quarter ended at 11-16.
The second quarter had about the same action as the first but netted only seven points for the Lions and another 16 points for the Unicorns. Scoring in the second came from Adrian Carter and Andrea Carter with two free throws each, M. Carter with a two pointer and Roland with a free throw. The quarter ended with a score of 18-32.
By far the most devastating blow to the Lady Lions was dealt during the third quarter. The Lady Unicorns came out charging after the halftime break and scored 22 points while allowing the Lady Lions to score one single point. That point came from M. Carter. The quarter ended with a score of 19-54.
The final quarter was less devastating but a tough blow just the same. The Lady Lions put five last points on the board while the Lady Unicorns added 14 points to their victory. Scoring in the last quarter were Vanessa Gonzales and Jamie Ruiz with a two pointer each and Shelby Hendrichs with a free throw. The game ended with a score of 24-68.


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