Lady Lions host Teacher Appreciation Night


By Anthony Collins

Lockhart High School’s Teacher Appreciation Night, held March 19 during the Lady Lions’ varsity softball game, provided a remarkable opportunity for students to express gratitude towards the dedicated educators at Lockhart ISD.

With about 700 teachers serving at the district’s 10 educational facilities, this event served as a platform to recognize their invaluable contributions to shaping the lives of students and fostering community progress.

Among the players, Caitlin Pardo and Aniah Johnson, seniors, took the chance to acknowledge their teachers.

Pardo expressed her admiration for Melissa Gratz. “She is involved and has a great energy towards the students and makes me feel comfortable,” Pardo said.

Reflecting on her sophomore and junior years, Johnson expressed her gratitude towards Blu DeVanon, saying, “She was a big influence for me.”

Johnson also mentioned Coach Donovan Williams. “He pushes me to be better in the classroom as well as a better person,” Johnson said.


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