Legal Notice – Feb. 2, 2017: Lockhart and Caldwell County (Texas)


Notice of Sale of Real Property

State of Texas

County of Caldwell


Cause No.: 6125

By virtue of a Writ of Execution issued by the clerk of the County Court at Law of Caldwell County, Texas, December 6, 2016 in cause numbered No. 6125, styled Green Mountain Energy Company versus Eagle Ford Oil Company Inc. on a judgment rendered against Eagle Ford Oil Compan

y Inc. I did on December 29, 2016, at 10:00 AM, levy upon as the property of Eagle Ford Oil Company Inc. the following described real property:


Legal Description No. 1

SHANKLIN W R ‘A’ 10002928-000, EAGLE FORD OIL/SPILLER, AB 13/COTTLE H SUR ACRES 30.5894, W 0.8203120000


Legal Description No. 2

.7500000000, W, LSE-TILLER, D. G. –A- 10001463-000, OPER-EAGLE FORD OIL/SALT FLAT, ACRES -0/0000


Legal Description No. 3

.7500000000, W. LSE- BASSI-BOHANAN 10007433-000, OPER-EAGLE FORD OIL/SALT FLAT, ACRES-0.0000


Legal Description No. 4

.8750000000, W, LSE- BASSI-ERIN 10006491-000, OPER-EAGLE FORD OIL/SALT FLAT, ACRES-0.0000


Legal Description No. 5

.7500000000, W, LSE- BASSI-GARRETT 10007122-000, OPER-EAGLE FORD OIL/SALT FLAT, ACRES-0.0000


Legal Description No. 6

.7500000000, W, LSE- BASSI-MAXWELL 10007245-000, OPERA-EAGLE FORD OIL/SALT FLAT, ACRES-0.0000


Legal Description No. 7

.8125000000, W, LSE- BLACKMAR, JIM FEE 10077688-000, OPER-EAGLE FORD OIL/DUNLAP, ACRES-0.000


On FEBRUARY 7, 2017, being the first Tuesday of the month, between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M., beginning at 10:00 AM, at the Caldwell County Criminal Justice Center, 1703 S. Colorado, Lockhart, Texas, I will sell for cash to the highest bidder, all the right, title and interest of Eagle Ford Oil Company, Inc. in and to the real property described above.


Dated at Austin, Travis County, Texas, December 29, 2016


Daniel Law, Sheriff

Caldwell County, Texas

Santiago Salazar, Deputy


Notice to Bidders: You are buying whatever interest, if any, the Debtor has in the property. Purchase of the Debtor’s interest in the property may not extinguish any liens or security interests held by other persons. There are no warranties, express or implied, regarding the property being sold, including but not limited to warranties of title, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


Bidders shall present an unexpired written statement issued to the person in the manner prescribed by Section 34.015, Tax Code, showing that the Travis County Assessor-Collector has determined that there are no delinquent ad valorem taxes owned by the person. In addition, an individual may not bid on or purchase property in the name of any other individual.



The City of Lockhart, Texas seeks proposals until 11am, February 16, 2017, from qualified licensed professional firms to perform unarmed, uniformed, state licensed security officer services at the City of Lockhart Dr. Eugene Clark Library, 217 S. Main, Lockhart, Texas.

Interested qualified service providers that specialize in this type of service may request a scope of services by contacting Julie Bowermon at (512) 398-3461 during normal business hours or online at www.lockhart-tx.org. Proposals marked externally “Security Services” may be mailed to City of Lockhart P.O. Box 239, Lockhart, Tx 78644 or delivered to 308 W. San Antonio Street. Proposals not received by the specified date and time will be rejected. Proposals must provide at least 5 current references. The City of Lockhart reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. Successful company must provide insurance coverage certificates for workers’ comp and general liability naming City of Lockhart as additional insured.






The City of Martindale is giving notice of the city’s intent to submit a Texas Community Development Block Grant Program grant application for a Community Development Fund grant request of $300,000 for city-wide wastewater system improvements. The application is available for review at the City Hall during regular business hours. Para más información en español, comuníquese con Sylvia Gomez al (512)357-2639



Pursuant to the provisions set forth in Chapter 59 of the Texas Property Code, Fogle Store and Lock will hold a public auction of property being sold to satisfy a landlord’s lien. Bids will be made for contents of the entire unit only. Property will be sold to the highest bidder for cash only, and the highest bidder must place his lock on the unit door and take possession of the property immediately. Fogle Store and Lock shall reserve the right to reject any bids.


Date: Thursday, February 16

Time: 10:30 AM

Location: 1000 State Park Road

Lockhart, Texas 78644


Names: Krystal Salazar

Lydia Cantu

Dahlia Garcia

Andrew Hill

Jacklyn Wilson

Jose Davila

Thelma Cunningham

Faith Shipman


Contents: Bicycles, Mattresses, TV’s, Clothes, Appliances, Furniture, Tools, Household Decorator Items, Boxes, and Misc. Items



Notice is hereby given that original Letters of Testamentary for the Estate of Alice Beth Ratliff, Deceased, were issued on December 2, 2016, in Cause No. 10170, pending in the County Court-at-Law of Caldwell County, Texas, to: Babette Rae Olmsted.

All persons having claims against this Estate which is currently being administered are required to present them to the undersigned within the time and in the manner prescribed by law.


c/o Alan Fielder

Attorney at Law

119 S. Main St.

Lockhart, Texas 78644


DATED: the 25th day of January, 2017


Alan C. Fielder

Attorney for Babette Rae Olmsted

State Bar No.: 06967000

119 S. Main St.

Lockhart, TX 78644

Telephone: (512) 398-2338

Facsimile: (512) 398-7327

E-mail: acfielder@flowers-mcdowell.com



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