Letters – Citizen encourages Random Acts of Kindness


To the Editor:
In the February, 2010, issue of “Better Homes and Gardens” is a short article reminding us that Feb. 15 was the beginning of Random Acts of Kindness Week.

A random act of kindness is a gesture to a complete stranger. Perhaps one could pay for another”s coffee, or let someone with fewer items ahead in a checkout line; help some elderly person with

odd jobs or offer to babysit. A note of appreciation to someone who serves the nation or the community would be welcomed.

The only limit to the range of these acts is the limit of one”s imagination.

I challenge each person who reads this to commit at least three random acts of kindness during the week. What a change our community would see if each recipient in turn passed along an act of his or her own.
A.L. Roberts


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