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To the Editor:
At this time of Thanksgiving, the Committee to Save the Brock Cabin would like to say a big “thank you” to the community and Brock family members for all their support. Thanks to everyone who has supported this very worthy project by either making a donation or purchasing a T-shirt or cookbook. All monies received to date have been deposited into the Cit

y of Lockhart Brock Cabin Fund.

Thanks to all who purchased a copy of Brock Cabin Cooking. We are happy to report that over 300 recipes were contributed to the cookbook by Lockhart area residents and Brock descendants. We ordered 500 of the books, which arrived in October. They have flown off the shelves, and at the time of this letter, we have about 40 available for purchase.

Thanks to the committee members who have met an average of twice a month for almost a year, as well as putting in many hours of volunteer time building a float for the Chisholm Trail Round-up Parade which won second place; participated in several public awareness events selling T-shirts at the Rites of Spring, the CCR Cowboy Breakfast, Taste of Lockhart during the Diez y Seis celebration, the “Speaking of the Dead” cemetery tour; and not to mention published a 178-page cookbook. Committee members are: John Baker, Joan and Eddie Bostic, Jane Brown, Dorothy Buckner, Martha Cason, Jim Fleming, Nancy and Darrell Hess, Phyllis Metcalfe, Glenn Oldham, Carol Ohlendorf and Ginger Soule.

Thanks to all the local businesses which have helped us. Thanks to Roy Watson, local resident and architect who designed the T-Shirts and the cookbook cover. Thanks to artists Danyel Austin and Julie Jalil who helped by painting the replica of the Brock cabin for the parade float. Thanks to Vance Rogers and Bernie Rangel who have worked closely with the committee. And a special “thanks” to the Mayor and City Council for giving us the time to raise public awareness and funds to save part of Lockhart”s heritage.

Current thoughts are to leave the cabin in Lions” Park, but move it about 31 feet to the southeast. Our next push is to complete a site plan and master plan for it in the park. The latter will not only outline the actual restoration process but also cover how it will be used in the future. Watch for more to come.
Thankfully yours,
Ronda Anton Reagan
Brock Cabin Committee Chair


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