Letters – Daughter credits Smith, Gouger with saving parent


To the Editor:
We owe a vote of thanks to two people for saving the life of my mother, Emaline Brewer, and would like to use this means to express our thanks to them.

My mother suffered through two hip fractures, five hip dislocations, two hip surgeries and seven hospitalizations. Her health had declined dramatically, but with determination, Mom worked through d

ifficult weeks of physical therapy. She had been staying at a local nursing home since her release from the hospital.

Unfortunately, with all the difficulties of her situation, she had fallen into depression. Although her caregivers were very caring, she had given up, virtually stopped eating, and was slowly dying. It had appeared as though her future was only to remain there until the end.

As often happens, it became necessary to sell her home to pay for her continued care. As we have on other occasions, we turned to Amelia Smith for assistance in that sale. While meeting with Amelia, she mentioned a new assisted living facility that J.B. Gouger had just opened in town. This facility turned out to be exactly what my Mom needed: an environment in which people were expected and encouraged to live, to begin a new life, in a supportive home-like atmosphere. My Mom has thrived there and lives as fully as possible once again.

We want to thank Amelia for introducing us to this opportunity, and thank J.B. for the concept he has developed and put in place, not just in Lockhart, but also other Central Texas communities. We know it is making a difference in the lives of others as well.
Pam Brewer Scott and Mike Scott


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