Letters – Independent candidate frets over filing process


To the Editor:
My name is Dirk Bauer and I am attempting to run for The Texas 25th Congressional District, but I feel I am in an uphill battle. The election laws that are in place make it almost impossible for an independent as myself to run. I must wait until the Primaries are over at which point I only have sixty days to collect 500 plus signatures on my petition.


Republicans and Democrats are already campaigning. Should a run-off occur, I only have 30 days to gather my signatures. This is not right! They have it set up so an independent has no chance to run on an equal playing field. Have the Elections in Texas become about we the Party or We the People? I believe it should be “We the People.”

The Tenth Amendment gives Texas the right to set these parameters but not the Party’s right to choose who gets to run.

The Declaration of Independence states that I am endowed by my Creator with the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe this has been taken away from me and any other independent that wants to serve his country. My pursuit of happiness is to run for office. What gives them the right to take that chance away from me?

I know I am not guaranteed the right to be a Congressman just because I want to be, only by free election voted on by free people. I should be allowed to participate in this free process as a free man, not regulated by Democrats and Republicans.

Third, fourth and fifth party candidates rise up!!
Dirk E. Bauer


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