Letters – LHS grad applauds board


Letter to the Editor:
I would like to personally commend the LISD Board of Trustees for voting to incorporate the name of my colleague and friend M. Louis Cisneros with that of Lockhart High School. It is nice to see us honoring a true hometown hero for his lifetime accomplishments of giving back to his community. As a young boy growing up in the east side of Lockhar

t, Cisneros was an inspiration to me.
While Judge Cisneros is championed in the Hispanic community for his military accomplishments and being elected Lockhart’s firs Hispanic Mayor and Caldwell County’s first Hispanic Justice of the Peace, the people whose lives he has touched reaches far beyond any one ethnic group. His life story is that of one we should all be proud of and honored to have had such an individual live with in our community.
What makes the board’s vote even more special is that once long ago a school district who not only didn’t hire an individual as teacher but also encouraged them to seek employment out of state simply because of his ethnic back ground, now has a school that will bear his name.
Congratulations and thank you, Judge Cisneros
Raymond D. De Leon


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