Letters – Lionette saddened by Crockett crowd’s behavior


To the Editor:

I am a student at Lockhart High School and a member of the Lionette drill team.
This past Friday the Lockhart Lions played the Crockett Cougars and at half-time, after the Lionettes performed, we were greeted with boos and catcalls from the Crockett fans. As we stood watching the Tex-Anns perform, two students from Crockett stood behind our team a

nd proceeded to make inappropriate and perverse comments about the girls on our team.

It took a lot of self control for us to not turn around and tell them exactly where they could put their immature statements.

This incident put a damper on our whole night.

I’ve been on the team two years and never had I experienced such treatment. I understand the competition between schools at football games but there is a difference between competitiveness and insult.

If the Cougars came to Lockhart never would anyone even dream of treating them the way they treated us. We clap for other team’s half time shows, we treat other schools with respect because we know how much hard work goes into it.

This goes to show that Lockhart may be small and may not be the most spectacular place on earth, but we have something that many big cities lack and that is class.
C. Medina


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