Letters – Reader praises teens for heroic actions


To the Editor:
How can one adequately say thank you to two teenagers who rescued Tramp, a small, loving Lhasa Apso, and me from two big, unleashed, untagged bulldogs. On Feb. 4, on Live Oak Street, we were suddenly attacked from behind with no warning. The strong white bulldog had Tram in his mouth as I screamed and frantically tried to push him away – all to no avail. An

drew Davidson, a junior, and Leizl Porter, a sophomore at Lockhart High School, were walking home from school and came to our rescue.

Andrew grabbed the very active dog, making him release Tramp. As we quickly walked away, Andrew said, “Pick him up,” because the dogs were still trying to pursue us. At this point, my brain was not working.

Andrew and Leizl stayed with us and the bulldogs as we waited for Animal Control. What brave young people they were! They had no idea what those dogs would do to them as they came to our aid.

If you see unleashed dogs on the loose, please call Animal Control – not because you want the animals put down, but because no one knows when a “sweet” pet could suddenly charge innocent children, pets or adults. And, in this case, the owner could be out looking for the escapees.

Andrew and Leizl, I will be forever grateful. In my book, you are true heroes.
Most sincerely,
Dell Clark


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