Letters – Reader says board denied public ‘voice’


To the Editor:
When does one have a voice?
I am sad that in reading the notes from the school board meeting last night that this community has again been kept from having a voice. Changing the name of the high school, the football field etc., without community involvement changes the ownership of the Spirit of Lockhart.
I was on the Luling School Board for

three years. In that time I wanted to have us change the names of certain buildings to reflect those in the district that had given so much of their love and family heritage to the schools. I was told by the Superintendent that it would take a community meeting and suggestions from the community regarding the names they would like considered and which buildings would honor those names. It seemed ethical to me and one that has been worked on for a period of time.
I don’t see the Historical Organization or even the City of Lockhart making name change decisions that reflect the history of this community without the voice of the people that tell the history of this great district. Why does the School Board believe they are above the people?
Having been in that position before, I know board members are a public servant. Your job is to oversee the management of the district through the Superintendent. You are responsible for the appropriate spending of the taxpayers’ dollars and to oversee the curriculum. You are to provide the necessary support and direction in partnership with the Superintendent for the safety and security of the staff and children of this district.
Where is policy does it give you the power to omit the public from having a voice?
Someone said in a note I read that we are ‘one nation under God’ and we need to act like it. I read that as School Board, that includes this community!
I am grateful to be in business here and I am grateful to now be moving to Lockhart. I will have a voice and a vote!
Sarah Bush


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