Letters – Reader urges caution in upcoming election


To the Editor:

“Beware of ‘Bonn-Lites’ on your ballot!

Thanks to Tracy Forester for her recent informative letter detailing how Judge Bonn has misused his office and may not be working for the good of the community, and how his continuing actions show his obsessive hunger for power and absolute control.

Our county is in jeopardy! Perhaps all the good peo

ple opposed to his ways of governing – be they Democrats, Republicans, Independents or Tea Party folk – need to consider the possibility that things could get even worse.

Today, two commissioners seem to always give Bonn his required votes for a 3-2 victory. Imagine if a third vote was added resulting in a 4-1 victory. That could happen if our wonderful civic steward, Neto Madrigal, was replaced by a “Bonn Clone” or “Bonn-lite” in Precinct 3.

Next consider Precinct 1; we’ll have not made any progress in our fight to stop Bonn’s overreach if all we do is swap out the current “Bonn-lite,” who’s chosen not to run, with another rubber stamp.

Instead, if we consider placing Alfredo Munoz in that Precinct then Bonn is stopped with a 3-2 victory in our favor. Then we can bring a semblance of balance back to our county.

Furthermore, word on the street has it  that the Judge and a member of his “think tank” were seen prowling the county looking for an opponent to file for Chair in the Democratic Party. On the final day, some candidate did emerge, on a form (allegedly notarized by the judge’s secretary) to run against our current long-standing chair, Philip Ruiz. Evidently, if you stand up to Bonn, you may find you’re facing a “Bonn-lite” opponent on the ballot.

Philip Ruiz has been our strong, solid Democratic Chair through numerous elections and can always be counted on to uphold our Democratic principles and beliefs.

His opponent, having voted once or twice in a Democratic primary, is not known by any Democratic activist, supporter, or club member to be one amongst us. None of us can recall his attendance at headquarters during campaigns, at fundraisers, rallies, or get out the vote events – yet he professes the qualifications to lead us. Very Strange!

He did not attend the Democratic Executive Meeting to choose a slot for himself on the May 29 Primary ballot and introduce himself to us. But… he has been overheard by some to boast that he is indeed a Republican.

To me, as a longtime Democratic worker, I am insulted.

It sounds like a scheme to take over our party, weaken us from within and reduce the resistance to Judge Bonn’s continued maneuvers.

Please help stop this charade by remembering who will and who does stand up for the Democratic Party and who stands up to Mr. Bonn when necessary. Don’t be fooled by a faux Democrat. Philip Ruiz is the only real Democrat in this race.

Sallie Ann Satagaj



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