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To the Editor:
I recently came across two World War II veterans with a compensable disability initially rated at 10 percent disabling in 1945. The veterans had not been reevaluated since, although the disabilities had worsened with time.
Disability compensation payments currently range from 10 percent ($117) to 100 percent ($2527) per month, tax free; and are rat

ed in increments of 10.
Veterans should not miss out!
If you believe your service-connected disability has worsened, let’s reopen the case file and ask to be reevaluated. The VA will not look for you, you have to take the initiative and present your case. Depending on the disability rating assigned, surviving dependents could be eligible for VA compensation an CHAMP-VA medical, educational benefits, etc., upon the death of the veteran.
A service-connected disability rated at 60 percent or a combination of disabilities totaling 70 percent or more with one being at least 40 percent disabling could qualify a veteran for Individual Unemployability rating. Individual unemployability is considered as being 100 percent disabled and compensable at the 100 percent rate.
If you are interested in more information or having your case file reopened, contact me at my office, (512) 398-6492.
Larry Corpus
Caldwell County
Veteran Services Officer


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