LHS TAFE sweeps state competition



Lockhart High School’s Association of Future Educators State competitive members in TAFE competed at the 40th annual Teach Tomorrow Summit Feb.27-March 1, at Kalahari Resort Round Rock in numerous education, training, and early learning competitions.

Lockhart’s TAFE had 21 State Competitors, with 16 State Winners, and 12 National Qualifiers.

The Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) is a co-curricular statewide non-profit student organization created to allow young men and women an opportunity to explore the teaching profession. TAFE encourages students to learn about careers in education while promoting character, service, and leadership skills necessary for becoming effective educators.

Lockhart High School winners:

2024 State Voting Delegates

Sophomore CJ Smith

Sophomore Preston Crabill

2024 State Qualifier

Diana Ramirez in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test

Team of Danya Pineda-Cantera and Emelyrayne Cantera in Project Visualize Leadership

Morgan Cancel in Children’s Literature K-3

Team of Janette Manzano and Aaliyah Oviedo in Children’s Literature Pre-K Spanish

3rd Place Bronze State Winner

Kevin Arrieta in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test

CJ Smith in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test

Tyler Staton in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test

Isabella Miller in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test

Preston Crabill in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test

2nd Place Silver State Winner

Jacque Roe in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test

Sav Torres in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test

1st Place Gold State Winner

Peyton Crabill in Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test

1st Place State Champion Winner

Team of Mykayla Torres and Sav Torres in Interactive Bulletin Board-Elementary

Peyton Crabill in TAFE Student of the Year

Peyton Crabill in the Dr. Pat McLeod Scholarship

Twelve of 15 Lockhart TAFE members participating in National Level Competitions placed 1st at State, and are qualified to compete at the Educators Rising National Competition in Washington D.C. in June.

TAFE 1st Place State Champion and National Qualifier:

Team of Preston Crabill, Morgan Cancel, Tyler Staton, Peyton Crabill, and Elizabeth Alonso in TAFE Outstanding Chapter

Krista Cardenas in Exploring Education Administration Careers

Team of Isabella Miller, Jacque Roe, Leland Ramirez, Julisa Ramirez, and Janette Manzano in Public Service Announcement

Janetzi Rodriguez in Interactive Bulletin Board-Elementary

Team of Jacque Roe and Leland Ramirez in Project Visualize Service

Peyton Crabill in Job Interview

Lockhart High School TAFE Chapter also had another huge win with junior Jacque Roe, who ran for a State Office. She created an inspiring campaign video that highlighted what makes her a leader, accompanied by a professional cover letter, resume, and website. After completing a 2-hour campaign, an onstage speech, and a Question and Answer portion over TAFE facts and leadership experiences, Roe was elected as the 2024-2025 TAFE State Vice-President.  

TAFE is under the guidance of 20-year Teacher Leader, Amber Crabill, with assistance from 5th year Assistant Teacher Leader, Jarin-Pittman.


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