LISD chooses Borchert Loop Elementary as new school name


By Kyle Mooty

LPR Editor

By a 5-2 vote, Lockhart ISD’s elementary school No. 6 will officially be names Borchert Loop Elementary, the name of the road on the western edge of town named as well as former landowners from the area as long as a century ago.

The name was chosen from 19 nominations received by LISD, some duplicate. The nominations ranged from individual names, local, state or national events, or geographic locations.

According to Harry Hilgers, a Lockhart High School Class of 1944 graduate (see his letter to the editor on Page 4), the Borcherts were farmers in the area, considered well out in the country in 1944.

“They bordered on the Clear Fork of Plum Creek and it was spring fed,” Hilgers said. “Louis, who we called, Louie, was one of a kind. His size alone made him different, although he was a real teddy bear.”

Estrada said suggestions were asked for through the school’s various social media platforms, the Lockhart Post-Register, as well as at a previous LISD board meeting.

“I think 199 is a testament to our community and how important this decision is,” Estrada said. “We are a growing school district. This is not the last time we’re gonna be making a similar decision.”

Among the nominations, 78 percent were for a prominent person in the community. Estrada noted each of those nominations “told a very powerful reason why these deserve to be nominated. All of the nominations were very worthy.”

Also, 8.5 percent were of a geographic site or feature, and 5 percent were for a local, state, or national historic event. 

“We saw a lot of very deserving names of community members,” Estrada said.

The name of the subdivision by the new school is Juniper Springs. That name, however, was not on the list. 

“If we stick to geographical, everyone will know where it is with the location where we’re talking about,” said board member Rene Rayos. “It’s a lot easier on the community.”

Board member Warren Burnett said all nominations had been worthy, but said he felt strongly with the recommendation of Borchert Loop Elementary. “I also think it will cut down on strife within the community,” Burnett said.

Somebody’s feelings are going to be hurt,” Board member Tom Guyton said.

Finally, Board member Rebecca Pulliam a name signifying a location will be helpful to many, particularly visitors.

“As we continue to grow, it is important to know where the school is located,” Pulliam said.

The board voted in favor of the Borchert Loop, 5-2, with Sanchez and Rayos voting against it.

The new elementary school is expected to open in the fall of 2025.


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