Local downtown shop offers plethora of items, services


By Wesley Gardner
LPR Editor

When Janet Grigar first had the idea to open Logos in Lockhart in 1986, it was because the team sponsor’s name on her children’s soccer uniforms was misspelled.
“They were getting the uniforms out of San Antonio, so I just said, ‘You know, I could probably do better than this,’” said Janet. “That gave me the idea to start a business that could offer sportswear.”
The business, which she now runs with her husband, J.J. Grigar, has since evolved to offer trophy and medal engravings, screen printed and embroidered clothing, custom picture frames, and even masks in the era of COVID-19.
“We really wanted to be able to offer [those items] to the community, so that instead of people having to go out of town, we could provide that service,” said Janet.
Initially, the company expanded from offering heat-pressed clothing and uniforms to engraved trophies and medals, and eventually to embroidered options after about 10 years.
“It was funny because we got the [embroidery] machine and Janet said, ‘Well, you’re the one who wanted to buy it, so you have to learn how to run it,’” J.J. said, laughing. “I always tell her I’m the senior embroidery machine operator.”
When J.J. retired after 27 years with the Lower Colorado River Authority, Logos expanded their offerings even more.
“I was always helping, but when I retired, there was a guy that was doing custom picture framing here,” said J.J. “He decided to get out of the business, and we decided there was an opportunity for us to do something else, so I became a custom picture framer.
“I’ve been doing that for 10 years.”
According to Janet and J.J., they’ve built their business around the needs of the community.
“We always look for a niche,” said J.J. “Janet dealing with the t-shirts was a kind of a niche market.
“Nobody was doing trophies and engraving awards, and that was another little niche. We kind of just fill some voids”
Janet noted that while times did get tough for the company during the COVID shutdown, they adjusted their business just enough to survive.
“We weren’t really considered an essential business, so that hurt us a lot in April,” said Janet, noting the store saw a decline in sales for items like uniforms and trophies. “What we decided to do to be able to keep our employees and continue to pay them is we started making face covers.
“Both of my staff had a lot of fabric, so they would work from home and they made face coverings, so they stayed employed and helped us to make a little bit of money… People keep coming in. We have had a lot of support from the community. There were lots of business who still needed names on the garments and logos, so we’ve been busy.”
For both Janet and J.J., living in a small town like Lockhart was always a part of the plan.
“We grew up in small towns,” said J.J. “Everybody knew everybody.
“I wanted to live in the country. I grew up on a farm and I wanted our kids to grow up in the country too.”
After opening the store and purchasing land a few miles outside of Lockhart, Janet and J.J. began to become well known within the community.
“It just happened to where we got really involved with the chamber and the community and all that stuff,” said J.J., who has also become a well-known musician in the area and even started the Lockhart Area Music Association. “There are pluses and minuses to that.
“Everybody knows who you are, but it’s a lot of fun. You get to work with a lot of people. It helps the business.”
J.J. also said it’s also been interesting watching Lockhart grow over the last few decades.
“When we first got involved in the community, we were young,” he said. I think there was probably a lot of resistance to change, as you would expect. It just kind of evolved over time. Today, there are so many new people in town and lots of new businesses – a lot of young entrepreneurs in town. We’ve witnessed that whole transition.”
For both Janet and J.J., being a part of the local community has been one of the best parts of opening shop in Lockhart.
“We’ve had so many people who come shop with us and it’s wonderful,” said Janet. “I say this often, but we wouldn’t be here without the support of the community.
“It’s been pretty awesome.”


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