Governor prohibits mask mandates


Governor Greg Abbott on Tuesday issued an executive order prohibiting local governments — including counties, cities, school districts, public health authorities or government officials — from requiring or mandating that people wear masks.
Beginning May 21, local governments or officials that attempt to impose a mask mandate or impose a limitation inconsistent or conflicting with the executive order can be subject to a fine of up to $1,000.

Public schools may continue to follow current mask-wearing guidelines through June 4, but after June 4, no student, teacher, parent, or other staff member or visitor can be required to wear a mask while on campus.
Prior to Abbott’s announcement Lockhart ISD last week sent out a letter to parents and stakeholders announcing that mask-wearing outdoors was optional effective immediately, and that it would be lifting indoor mask-wearing requirements at its campuses on June 1.
City Council members at Tuesday night’s meeting voted to rescind the Mayor Lew White’s declaration regarding the wearing of masks in public businesses, leaving it up to a business owner to require facial coverings if they choose. However, the mayor urged people to follow CDC guidelines and only forgo their masks if they are fully vaccinated.
“It’s been a long haul, but I am proud of the community for all it has done to help,” White said.

Read more in this week’s Lockhart Post-Register.


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