Parkview nursing home temporarily closed due to storm damage


Parkview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Lockhart suffered structural damage during last week’s winter storm, forcing the evacuation of their residents to other facilities. 

On the morning of Feb. 17 multiple reports began circulating on Facebook that the facility had suffered burst pipes, water leaking from the ceiling, and no heat for residents. The reports also said residents were being sent to San Marcos and facilities in Hays County. 

LPR called and sent emails to confirm the reports, however the phone was never picked up and emails were not returned. 

That afternoon someone posted delivery of an emergency cleanup dumpster to Parkview. LPR one again called and sent emails, however they were not returned.

When roads became more passible on Friday a reporter for LPR drove by the facility. There was a large piece of equipment on a trailer outside, the door had a piece of plywood with holes over it, and several porte-potties were outside. It is unclear if the porte-potties had been used by residents or had been brought in for construction workers. 

LPR asked a construction worker what the equipment was for and he said it was a drying machine to dry out the inside of the facility. He said multiple pipes had burst. 

LPR once again sent emails to Parkview to confirm what had happened, but did not get a response until Monday afternoon, Feb. 22. 

“Due to the weather conditions faced across much of Texas, Parkview has experienced structural damage that resulted in our decision to safely transfer our patients to alternate locations. Due to HIPPA, we cannot disclose the facilities that the patients were discharged to,” Ying Collingwood said in an email to LPR. “This is a temporary arrangement while construction crews work diligently to get the issues repaired. Parkview Nursing and Rehab will continue to keep close contact with our families and residents to ensure a smooth transition home once construction is completed.”


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