No bond for suspects in murder case


The Caldwell County Sheriff’s office said a pair of San Marcos residents are being held without bond in connection with the slaying of two teens last week in Martindale.
Michael Morris, 29, and Olivia Oliva, 29, are both being held in the Caldwell County Jail without bond on capital murder charges after being arrested in San Marcos hours after the shooting allegedly took place.
The sheriff’s office said the victims were identified as James Melgar, 18, and Adian Zulaica, 17.
According to PC Affidavits dated March 11, a pair of cell phones were recovered that reportedly belonged to each of the victims. According to the report, in communications between one of the victims and the suspects, Morris and Oliva agreed to meet Melgar and Zulaica near where they were later discovered shot.
According to the report, deputies said the reason for the May 10 meeting was to facilitate the purchase of narcotics.
No drugs or weapons were discovered on scene, but several thousand dollars were recovered from the victim’s vehicle in denominations consistent with that of the sale of narcotics, deputies said.


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