Lockhart harriers show highly-trained skills


You might not care where Waldo is, but do you have any idea where Moulton is? Head towards Luling, then turn towards Houston. When you get to the middle of nowhere, turn right. In about ten minutes, you”ll be in Moulton. “Who cares?” You might ask? The Lion Harriers care because that is where 45 of them spent most of their Saturday, Sept. 17.
You know you are in a

small town when you only come across one traffic signal and it is only flashing! At any moment you would expect to be greeted by Sheriff Andy Taylor or his sidekick Barney Fife.
The course, on first inspection, could not have been more quaint and the Moultonites any friendlier. In reality, the course passed through cow patties, cow hoof prints, and extremely uneven, jagged, rocky terrain. And of course, there was a little heat. Otherwise, the course was great!
Lockhart Cross Country is accustomed to running against the much larger schools. The roles were a bit reversed this time in that This Saturday, the Lions were the giants.
When all 49 runners toed the starting line, there wasn”t much doubt as to which team would be victorious. The only question might have been where would the first non-Lockhart runner finish?
Leading the Lion charge once again was junior Nick Yunkun, who completed the just less than 3 mile course in 15:46 and the Individual Championship. Senior Justin Platt finished as second man (second place overall) with a time of 15:55. 3rd man Sean Smith crossed in 16:04, good enough for 3rd Overall. Clay Culpepper was fourth man and fourth overall with a time of 16:09. Rounding out the Perfect Score for the Lions was Stoney McCrary, who finished fifth overall in 16:11. Sixth and seventh men were Jonathan Fitzgerald (16:12) and Nic Alford (16:29), respectively.

Other Lockhart harriers were:
Scott Woody (16:37, 10th)
James Silva (16:39, 11th)
James Bonn (17:12, 14th)
Jose Medina (17:12, 15th )
Marcos Gonzales (17:14, 16th )
Christyan Gutierrez (17:21,19th)
Xavier Thomas (17:45, 24th )
Cameron Peters (17:46, 25th )
Alfredo Maderal (17:47, 26th )
Scotty Castanon (18:29, 30th )
AJ Maderal (18:46, 32nd )
Mason Rusk (20:03, 39th )
Jordan Delgado (21:18, 47th )

Lady Lions
Tami Warner (12:46, 3rd)
Alyson Daily (12:50, 4th)
Aly Gonzales (12:54, 4th)
Livi Massey (13:15, 6th)
Jannah Platt (13:27, 9th)
Courtney Lee (13:38, 10th)
Elizabeth Garcia (14:02, 15th)
Leandra Garcia (14:09, 19th)
Jessica Herrera (14:10, 20th)
Ashlyn Spring (14:15, 21st)
Shelby Ohlendorf (14:26, 26th)
Tera Alford (14:28, 28th)
Naomi Oliva (14:29, 29th)
Mary Woody (15:36, 38th)

(Courtesy of Douglas Alfier)


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