Lockhart plans major cemetery cleanup project


By LPR Staff



The City of Lockhart announced this week that a major cleanup has been scheduled at the Lockhart City Cemetery, which may impact individuals who have left gifts or permanent flowers for their loved ones.

According to Cemetery Manager Bernie Rangel, the cleanup will begin on Oct. 22, 2012, and will include a

ll areas of the cemetery.

Prior to items being removed, the cemetery will be videotaped to identify conditions which need to be addressed. However, before the cleanup begins, people are invited to remove sentimental items or other objects that could appear to be faded, unsightly or broken, Rangel said. Such items should be removed before the cleanup begins to reduce risk of sentimental items being inadvertently removed by cemetery cleanup staff.

Rangel said all dead trees, bushes, hedges, flowers and other “volunteer growth” will be removed from within the cemetery. In addition, all artificial flowers that are not in good condition will be removed, along with broken and discolored vases or containers.

Further, he said, grave spaces that have been lined with real or artificial flowers that hinder mowing and other maintenance operations will be removed.

Trees, shrubs and hedges will be trimmed to provide a neat appearance, and for safety reasons, Rangel said. However, trees, shrubs and other plants that have been planted in walkways without permits will be removed.

Rangel issued a reminder that any work done in the cemetery, including planting on individual lots, is prohibited, except by the approval of the City Manager, and the City has the right to remove all trees and shrubbery that have been identified as detrimental to adjoining lots or walkways, or which have become unsafe or unsightly.

The cooperation and assistance of the public is appreciated, Rangel said. Anyone with questions or needing additional information is invited to contact him during regular office hours at (512) 398-6452.




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