Lockhart track starts strong at Bastrop Relays


The Lockhart track team traveled to Bastrop to compete in the Bastrop Bear Relays on Friday, Feb. 25.
“This was the first meet of the year for the Lockhart Lion track team and everyone competed very well,” said Coach Seth Westmoreland.
The Lockhart track team will host the Lion Relays for their next meet on Saturday, March 4.
The following results from the

Bastrop Bear Relays.

Varsity Boys
3200 M Run– Justin Platt-5th, Nick Yunkun-6th
800 M Run-Chris West-2nd, Clay Culpepper-3rd, Hector Rodriguez-4th
110 Hurdles-Joey Uker-1st
400 M Dash-Clay Culpepper-4th
300 Hurdles-Joey Uker-1st, Dwin Roland-3rd, Nick Jones-6th
1600 M Run-Chris West-1st, Mason Larkin-2nd
1600 M Relay-Lockhart (Rodriguez, Roland, Jones, Uker)-2nd
Long Jump-Nick Jones-4th
Shot Put-Michael Lewis-3rd
Discus-Jamelle Bennett-1st, Michael Lewis-4th

Varsity Girls
800 M Run-Tami Warner-1st, Levi Massey
100 Hurdles-Tara Chapman-1st, Heather Monsen-2nd
100 M Dash-Cecilia Smith-2nd, Brianna Swist-5th
300 Hurdles-Heather Monsen-1st
200 M Dash-Cecilia Smith-2nd, Andrea Mitchell-5th, Brianna Swist-6th
1600 M Run-Tami Warner-3rd, Levi Massey-5th, Alyson Daily-6th
1600 M Relay-Lockhart (Monsen, Smith, Chapman, Mitchell)
Long Jump-Chapman-2nd
Triple Jump-Chapman-1st
Shot Put–Whitney Winn-3rd
Discus-Whitney Winn-3rd
Pole Vault-Alyson Daily-3rd, Venoris Carter-5th

JV Boys
3200 M Run–Stony McCrary-1st, Frankie Rodriguez-2nd, Nick Alford-3rd
800 M Run-Sean Smith-1st, Scott Woody-2nd, James Saldana-4th
110 Hurdles-James Silva-2nd, Allen Bosque-3rd, Edgar Silva-6th
100 M Dash-Michael Havery-3rd, Gerald Cuellar-6th
400 M Dash-James Saldana-6th
300 M Hurdles-James Silva-2nd, Allen Bosque-3rd
200 M Dash-Gerald Cuellar-4th, Michael Harvey-5th
1600 M Run-James Silva-1st, Nick Alford-2nd, Scott Woody-3rd
1600 M Relay-Lockhart(Silva, Saldana, Alford, Monsen)-4th
Long Jump-Alex Joseph-2nd, Terrance Waldon-6th
Discus-Keith Congdon-3rd
Pole Vault-Cody Monsen-1st

JV Girls
400 M Relay-Lockhart (Lampkin,Thompson, Carter, Johnson)-1st
800 M Run– L. Garcia-1st, A. Spring-5th
100 M Dash-Johnson-2nd, Ada Lampkin-6th
200 M Dash-Bridgett Thompson-3rd, A. Johnson-4th
1600 M Run-A. Spring
1600 M Relay-Lockhart (Garcia, Garcia, Spring, Anchando)-4th
Long Jump-Carter-2nd


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