Lummus takes LPD reins


By LPR Staff

A standing-room-only crowd filled the Glosserman Conference Room at Lockhart City Hall on Monday to welcome Lockhart”s new police chief Michael Lummus.
Lummus, a 27-year law enforcement veteran, joined the Lockhart Police Department to replace former chief Frank Coggins, who tendered his resignation earlier this year.

Many of the witnesses on hand served with Lummus during his time on the Austin Police Department.
“A lot of us benefitted from his leadership,” said Austin police officer and Lockhart resident Jim Beck. “Most of us here either served with him, or are following his influence.”
Lummus said that he is grateful for the opportunity to work in Lockhart, and is looking forward to getting to know the community.
“Lockhart has the friendliest people I think I”ve ever met,” Lummus said. “Everyone here has been wonderful to me… It”s almost unbelievable.”
The Lockart Police Department has been at the center of a local controversy for several months, but Lummus believes that the future for the department is bright.
“I think [Interim Chief Ray Sanders] has done a wonderful job of stabilizing the department and creating a good work environment,” Lummus said. “I plan to keep things rolling in that direction simply by keeping his policies and his mission going.”
Lummus admitted that he might make changes in departmental policy, but those changes will come after a period of observation and communication with the staff.
“I don”t think a lot of change all at once is good for morale,” he said. “Any changes will have to be gradual. I”m a big proponent of listening to the workers for their thoughts and ideas.”
Lummus said his immediate priorities are to get to know his officers, staff and community and to keep the lines of communication open.
“I want people to know me around town and to feel like they can come up and talk to me in the grocery store,” he said.
Lummus begins his tenure at a time when complaints that Lockhart is becoming a “speed trap” seem to be on the rise.
“A speed trap, by nature, is defined by the beholder,” he said. “If I get a ticket, then I”m more apt to be concerned that we have a speed trap. But if I nearly get run over by a speeding, dangerous driver, then I want the cops to be there to catch that driver.”
Lummus noted that he is more than willing to listen to citizens who have legitimate concerns about Lockhart being a speed trap, and hopes that individuals with that opinion will come forward and speak with him.
Lummus and his family have begun the process of moving to Lockhart. He is available at his office at the Lockhart Police Department at 214 Bufkin during regular business hours, or can be reached by phone at 398-4401.


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