Lytton Springs hoping law enforcement presence will slow gunfire, loud music


By Kyle Mooty

LPR Editor

Gunfire and loud music, matters some Lytton Springs residents hope will soon be eliminated as identifiers of their community.

A new and improved presence of law enforcement in the northeast section of Caldwell County hopes to curb the recklessness.

Caldwell County Constable Precinct 4 will be joined in the building that once housed Polonia Water Supply in Lytton Springs by a Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department substation, Texas Department of Public Safety office, and an office of Yvette Mireless, Justice of the Peace for Caldwell County Precinct 4.

Polonia Water Supply merged with Aqua Water Supply and the office in Lytton Springs was no longer needed. Caldwell County jumped at the chance to put some of its offices there.

Caldwell County Judge Hoppy Haden thanked Aqua Water Supply for its help in leasing the building at just $10 per month. He also thanked the county staff for helping remodel the facility to fit the county’s needs.

“We are attempting to address some of the issues in the Lytton Springs area,” Haden said.
Should the county get an Emergency Medical Services District, Haden said it is quite possible that station No. 5 would be at Lytton Springs.

A Meet and Greet will be held for residents to familiarize themselves with the Constable’s office as well as Mireless’ office on July 22 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The annex building is located at 2990 FM 1185. Villareal had a meeting with residents in March regarding the county ordinance on the discharge of firearms, loud music, and other issues.

The Meet and Greet will have free hot dogs and drinks, as well as some fun activities for children.

Constable Art Villareal said Sheriff Mike Lane and Judge Haden “got wind” the building was available after Polonia Water had moved out.

About half of the building will be used by Mireless’ JP office, where a small court will be held. Villareal said the constable’s office was in Lytton Springs about 19 years ago, so it was good to get back in the area.

“People say they are seeing the difference with our presence and there is a much better traffic flow,” Villareal said “Some of the gunfire has slowed down, but we are going to hit it again and hope it continues to slow down.”

Lane also believes having a better presence in the area should help in many ways.

“It will be a closer place for people to go talk to the deputies and file reports,” Lane said. “The deputies will have a quicker response to things in that area. We have had a lot of reports of shots fired and loud music, but by the time we get up there they had left or shut things down.

“We will have one office in the building with some storage. This will help deputies out there where they can do their reports and not have to come all the way back to Lockhart. And, people have an issue with something, they can just go to that office.”

Dyral Thomas is the Caldwell County Commissioner for Precinct 4.


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