Martindale cowboy turned country singer/songwriter


By Anthony Collins

Gunnar Latham, a native of Martindale, has embraced the cowboy lifestyle from a young age.

Growing up in Caldwell County, he spent his childhood engaging in activities typical of the area, such as fishing, hunting, and horseback riding. These experiences shaped his love for the country life, which he fondly recalls. While attending Jack C. Hays High School, Gunnar chose a unique path by participating in rodeo competitions instead of traditional team sports. His father, Jeff, played a pivotal role in nurturing his passion for horses, having been a former bull rider who later became a minister.

Music also played a significant role in Gunnar’s life from an early age. Introduced to the guitar by his father, he quickly became enamored with the instrument. At just seven years old, he performed his first gig, with his father accompanying him on the drums during a revival. Gunnar’s musical influences range from iconic country artists like George Strait and Garth Brooks to unexpected sources of inspiration like The Beastie Boys.

As Gunnar pursued his education at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, he excelled in rodeo, earning a scholarship for his skills in team roping and steer wrestling. Despite obtaining his professional rodeo card at the young age of 19, he faced a difficult decision between his rodeo career and his true passion for music.

Ultimately, Gunnar realized that he could achieve greater financial stability and fulfillment by pursuing his music career. In a decisive move towards his musical aspirations, he took a firm stance at the close of 2019 and wholeheartedly embraced his musical journey. Sealing the deal with Major Bob Music, a renowned music agency based in Nashville, Tennessee, he joined the ranks of esteemed artists like Garth Brooks and Zach Top, who are also represented by the agency.

This significant step marked a turning point in his career, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to pursuing his passion for music. When asked about his inspiration for his music Gunnar’s explanation is straightforward: he discovers creativity in the sky, where he is inspired by captivating melodies that influence the song title and writes around that.

Despite a busy schedule of radio tours, writing, and performing Gunnar’s love for his craft is evident. Before going on stage at Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, he was asked what he would like readers to know about him. Sporting a wide grin, he enthusiastically shared, “I pride myself on being honest, a true cowboy, and a follower of Jesus.”

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