Masters egg salad sandwich


We just got back from our catering at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia.  We are an independent hospitality provider for Clubcorp for over a decade now as well as those lucky enough to score tickets for the most difficult ticket to score in professional sports.  We serve breakfast, various snacks (Carolina style BBQ sliders, Paella, ceviche, etc) and dinner at our Hospitality venue. The lunch you must get on the course. Our menu for dinner was quite diverse just like at the Bistro with rabbit, Fed-ex fresh Halibut and grass-fed ribeye as just some of the offerings this year.  Cooking under a tent has its own challenges, like rain mostly this year. In spite of 2 days travel, 2 day setting up a kitchen under a tent and cooking for 800 it is quite a treat to be able to go watch the Masters tournament at Augusta National for my team and I.

Augusta National Golf course is one of the most pristine courses in the world.  The azaleas are always in bloom during the tournament (because of a multimillion-dollar underground irrigation system that runs both cold & hot water solution). There is nothing left to chance. 

This year was unbelievable Masters with Tiger winning just after placing well here for the Dell Match play.  I am always for redemption.  The tickets for this year’s tournament were well north of $2500/day.  So, what has always impressed me is the fact that the course chooses to keep the prices so cheap for the concessions which is around $5 for a drink, chips and a sandwich (that’s even cheaper than the sandwich franchise restaurants).

I’m a huge fan of the egg salad sandwich.  It is the classic item along with the Pimento cheese sandwich. This egg salad sandwich is a version that’s not only a super easy like the one served on the course but one that never fails to impress. 


Masters egg salad sandwich

8 hardboiled eggs separated & finely grated (I use a box grater)

2/3 cup Duke’s mayonnaise

¼ teaspoon sweet paprika

Thick, soft white bread (not Texas toast, what you are looking for is a homestyle white bread with a very soft crust & crumb)

This is it.  According to one of the concession workers I have gotten to know for the last 9 years.  You can add other things like salt & pepper or mustard or vinegar but to me the sandwich becomes more ordinary.

The order is very specific.  Mix the paprika and Dukes mayo then add the grated hardboiled egg yolks. Mix well with a whisk until homogenously incorporated.  Gently fold in the hardboiled egg whites.

Spread a heaping amount on the soft white bread

Enjoy this sandwich with a big glass of Southern style iced tea preferably watching golf on TV.


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