Michelson’s love for Lockhart has him ‘Most Worthy’ indeed


By Kyle Mooty

LPR Editor

Jeffry Michelson never attended the University of Texas, yet he is the ultimate Longhorn fan.

He never attended Lockhart High School. However, he is one of LISD’s biggest supporters. 

Michelson is not even originally from Lockhart, but he was recently named the town’s Most Worthy Citizen.

And he is most worthy indeed.

At the young age of 10, Jeffry Michelson moved from Gonzales to Lockhart, where his father went to work for Glosserman Chevrolet, which was owned by Jeffry’s grandfather, Sam Glosserman, and uncles Maurice and Mose Glosserman.

Jeffry would attend Lockhart Intermediate School, which is now Navarro Elementary School. In high school, Jeffry attended San Marcos Academy.

Sam and his wife, Elsia, also owned Glosserman’s Clothing on the Lockhart square.

Jeffry’s father, David J. “Buddy” Michelson, had moved his family to Lockhart in 1978 and would follow in the family tradition of pubic service.

Sam Glosserman was named Lockhart’s Most Worthy Citizen in 1983, years after spending time as Lockhart’s mayor from 1955-64. Buddy Michelson, Sam’s son-in-law, won the same honor in 1997.

When Jeffry Michelson’s name was called for the award on Jan. 28, it became emotional for both him and his presenter, 2021 winner Joyce Buckner.

“It’s special,” Jeffry Michelson said. “It’s an honor to be a third generation. It’s an honor to follow in the footsteps of a lot of those people on that list (see below).

“I grew up watching my grandfather and my father be part of the community and give back and do what’s right. I don’t know any different. It’s just imbedded in me to support the community.”

Michelson is currently busy preparing for the March 31 50 Lions Who Can Cook event, a fundraiser for the Lockhart Education Foundation.

Even further back, Jeffry’s great-grandfather owned a grocery store where the picnic tables are now on the southeast corner of the square.

Michelson graduated from Northwood University in Cedar Hill with an Associates Degree in Automotive Management and a Bachelor’s in Business.

His parents had season tickets to University of Texas games, making him a diehard Longhorn fan.

“I like football,” he said.

Which is also why he became a fan of the Lockhart Lions. They were, after all, his hometown team.

“You know, Friday nights in Texas,” he said.

Aside from being on the Lockhart Education Foundation board, he is also Chairman of the Board at First Lockhart National Bank. He was Chairman of the Lockhart Chamber of Commerce in 2001 and 2012.

“Once again, it was just doing what’s right for the community,” Michelson said. “To me, the Chamber is run by the board. You’ve got to have a board who are workaholics to get the job done. There are a lot of things you’ve got to do. The biggest thing is the Chisholm Trail Roundup.”

Michelson was also elected to the Lockhart City Council eight years ago, something he takes with a lot of pride.

“I just wanted to help the community,” Michelson said. “The growth has been huge. There’s the revitalization of downtown. All of the buildings are full.  Just watching the growth of our community the last five or six years has been pretty cool.

“My grandfather told a story about a gunfight down in the square. Learning from my grandfather and my father and watching them, I didn’t know any different, except to be part of the community and help when you can. It’s not always about giving money to help people, it’s just volunteering and doing right to help your community.”

Also cool for Michelson was being awarded the Most Worthy Citizen by Buckner, another native of Gonzales that moved to Lockhart.

“Joyce was my babysitter in Gonzales,” Michelson said. “She babysat me a few times.”

Meanwhile, Michelson hopes Lockhart continues to flourish.

“The diversity has gotten different in the last two or three years,” he said. “We can all bicker and moan with each other, but when it’s time to come together and do something right for the community, we do. When there’s a crisis or a need to do something, everybody steps up and does what they need to do. It’s gotten different, but I don’t call it worse, I call it different.”

In looking back at the history of the Chamber banquet in the Post-Register, the Most Worthy Citizen list has been updated. Here are the award winners from 1974-2022:

Most Worthy Citizen Award winners

1974 – John Potts

1975 – Jack Schneider

1976 – J.L. Buckley

1977 – Forest Wilson

1978 – Louis Mohle, Jr.

1979 – Weldon Fielder

1980 – Ide Piwetz

1981 – Sis Fischer

1982 – Douglas Buckner

1983 – Peck Westmoreland, Sr.

1984 – Sam Glosserman

1985 – Newton Wilson, Jr.

1986 – Philip A. Wales, MD

1987 – Edgar Black, Jr.

1988 – Conrad Ohlendorf

1989 – Maxine Goodman

1990 – William Schroeder, Jr.

1991 – Joe M. Kelly, Jr.

1992 – Alan C. Fielder

1993 – Warren P. Kirksey

1994 – Gary Brown

1995 – Stephanie Riggin

1996 – M. Louis Cisneros

1997 – David J. “Buddy” Michelson

1998 – J. Fredric Bell

1999 – Kenneth Sneed

2000 – Jim Fielder

2001 – Chris Schneider

2002 – Dorothy Schulle

2003 – Frank Schulle

2004 – Dorothy Buckner

2006 – Jody King

2007 – Morris Alexander

2008 – Patricia Allred

2009 – Jim Sells

2010 – Gerry Ohlendorf

2011 – Elizabeth “Liz” Wales

2012 – Bill Clark

2013 – Todd Blomerth

2014 – JJ & Janet Grigar

2015 – George & Bonnie Hazelett

2016 – Austin Pittman

2017 – Benny Hilburn

2018 – Carl Ray Ohlendorf

2019 – Vance Rodgers

2020 – Amelia Smith

2021 – Joyce Buckner

2022 – Jeffry Michelson


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