New Braunfels Canyon Cougars tame Lions 43-20


By Alonzo Garza

After their game was rescheduled due to a shortage of referees on Friday night, the Varsity Lions took on the New Braunfels Canyon Cougars at 2 p.m. in the Lion’s Den on Saturday, Jan. 26.
The game ended with a lopsided score of 43-20. To their credit, the Lions’ defense did a magnificent job of keeping the Cougar score f

rom getting any higher.
The Lions lost the game in the first quarter. After a couple of minutes of missed attempts at the bucket, both teams seemed intent in getting the quarter started. Canyon scored first and continued to connect for a total of 16 points, while Lockhart kept missing opportunity after opportunity by missing shots and rebounds consistently. Except for a single free throw, out of a possible six, the Lions remained scoreless. The quarter ended at 16-1.
Great defense on both sides kept the scoring low. Plenty of court action and lots of missed shots kept the quarter exciting. The Lions outscored the Cougars during the second quarter 6-4. Scoring in the second ended at 20-7.
After the halftime break, rejuvenated Lions and Cougars came back to the court for the best overall quarter, scoring back and forth for a 15-10 final at the end of the third. Again, great defense and non-stop action kept the momentum going.
Everything slowed down in the fourth quarter. The Cougars scored eight points, while the Lions scored three for final score of 43-20.
Xavier Moore and Jason Sanders were the high scorers with five points each. Demetrious Joseph came in a close second with four points. Christian Estrada and Hector Rangel made two points each. Joseph Torrez and Anthony Tovar each contributed one point.
The Junior Varsity Lions’ basketball game against the New Braunfels Canyon Cougars on Friday, was called after a brief scuffle. The game ended with 4:57 left in the third quarter, the Canyon Cougars ahead by 20, and a score of 41-21.
The Lions played against the Steele Knights in an away game on Tuesday, Jan. 29 and will play against the Clemens Buffaloes in yet another away game on Friday, Feb. 1. Check next week’s Post-Register for scores and highlights.
See you at the game.


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