New program could keep motorists out of jail


By Wesley Gardner
LPR Editor

Caldwell County Commissioners on Monday approved a memorandum of understanding with software development company CivicTec that will make the county the first in the nation to test out new equipment that would allow motorists to pay for tickets and clear certain outstanding warrants on the spot during routine traffic stops.
According to the MOU, CivicTec will provide all hardware and software for the project at no cost to the county for a trial period of 120 days. In return, the county will essentially serve as the beta test for the technology.
Using the cvcETICKET application, Caldwell County law enforcement officials will be able to offer motorists receiving a traffic citation the option to pay the fine on the spot, meaning neither the motorist nor the officer would be required to appear in court.
With the cvcCLEAR application, motorists who have outstanding Class C misdemeanor warrants will have the option to pay the fine when they’re pulled over, keeping them out of jail and preventing law enforcement officials from being diverted to the administrative tasks associated with processing an arrest.
County Judge Hoppy Haden touted the program but stressed its success was entirely contingent on whether or not the technology actually works.
“It’s a way to expedite things right there on the road rather than tying up our law enforcement officers, if it works,” said Haden. “If it doesn’t work, no harm, no foul.”
Haden said the county will look into negotiating a contact with CivicTec at the end of the 120-day trial period if law enforcement officials find the technology useful and efficient.

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