Noncredible threats lead to high school lockdown


LPR staff

A screenshot of a text message detailing a threat that caused Lockhart High School to be placed in a lockdown on Thursday, Jan. 25 from 1:06-2:07 p.m. was later deemed noncredible by the Lockhart Police Department.

Due to the reports of the threat, which circulated and “incited fear rapidly among the student body” according to a letter later written by Superintendent Mark Estrada, Lockhart High School was placed in the lockdown. Lockhart Police arrived on campus and completed their investigation.

In Estrada’s letters to LISD parents and staff, he said “While we are grateful that Lockhart P.D. has confirmed the threat to be noncredible, this situation highlights the extreme dangers of spreading false information and to report concerns to proper authorities immediately. We understand that misinformation rapidly circulated regarding the lockdown, but want to be clear that at no time was any student hurt or injured.”

Nearby campuses of Clear Fork Elementary, Navarro Elementary, and the Cub House were placed in “Secure” status out of an abundance of caution, according to Estrada’s letter. “Secure” means that operations continue as normal within the building, but all students and staff remain inside, and no one is allowed in or out of the building.”

Estrada thanked Lockhart Police for their quick response and to his staff for “implementing safety response protocol.” Estrada also thanked students for their cooperation during the lockdown.

Estrada added that an LISD Crisis Intervention Team consisting of professional counselors are trained to help with the needs of students, parents, and school staff.

Later, Estrada sent out another letter to LISD parents.

“The challenges we’ve recently faced have deeply impacted our community, and I extend my gratitude to you for your understanding and support,”

Estrada’s letter read: “The Lockhart Police Department has been made aware of another, separate social media post that began circulating (Thursday evening). This post, too, includes vague details of an event from an unidentifiable source. Lockhart P.D. has deemed this report non-credible and will be providing an increased police presence at all schools (Friday, Jan. 26.

Starting on Friday, Jan. 26, the Lockhart Police Department stationed officers on and around LISD campuses. Additionally, the Lion Guard will serve as an extra set of eyes and ears at LISD schools in the coming weeks.


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