Nuclear Caucus names Rep. Gerdes Freshman of the Year


Special to the LPR

The Nuclear Caucus proudly announces that Representative Stan Gerdes (R-District 17) has been honored as the Freshman of the Year. The award recognizes Representative Gerdes’ outstanding contributions and dedication to advancing nuclear energy policies during his first year in office.

As a strong advocate for sustainable energy solutions, Representative Gerdes has demonstrated exemplary leadership and commitment to promoting the development and utilization of nuclear power in Texas. Through his unwavering support for the nuclear industry, he has emerged as a leading voice on nuclear energy-related issues.

“Representative Gerdes’ commitment to advancing nuclear energy is truly commendable,” said Representative Guillen. “His expertise and passion for promoting nuclear energy have been invaluable to the Caucus. We are thrilled to honor him as the Freshman of the Year, recognizing his outstanding achievements and contributions in this field.”

Throughout his first year in office, Representative Gerdes has actively engaged with his fellow legislators to promote the expansion of nuclear power generation and research in Texas. His efforts have focused on advancing policies that prioritize the development of safe, reliable, nuclear energy solutions.

As the 88th legislative session commences, Representative Gerdes’ recognition as the Freshman of the Year serves as a testament to his dedication, leadership, and passion for advancing nuclear energy policies. Together with the other members of the Nuclear Caucus, he will continue to champion innovative and sustainable energy solutions for the benefit of all Texans.


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