Operation Cat Fix big success



Caldwell County Animal Coalition (CCAC) along with Lockhart Cause for Paws, Pflugerville Pets Alive, and Shadow Cats, held a three-day cat/dog sterilization effort April 14, 15, and 18. The combined clinics resulted in 92 cats and 11 dogs (including six Lockhart Animal Shelter dogs) that will no longer contribute to the massive quantity of unowned and unwanted animals in Caldwell County.

Suzy Falgout, CEO of CCAC, said it was a major accomplishment which required working with multiple agencies to make it possible.

“We are united by a calling” Falgout said. “We share the same goals; to help improve the lives and health of cats and dogs in our community. The skilled surgical veterinary team of Animal Balance and TexPet made it possible. Perhaps the most valuable part of any organization is their staff and volunteers. Our compassionate team gave everything they had to ensure our success; never underestimate an animal advocate with a mission.

“Providing low-cost clinic options to animal owners is key to reducing the number of animals that find their way to the Lockhart Animal Shelter, our goal is to, ‘Slow the Flow.’”

CCAC is currently negotiating with an agency to have regular clinics available starting in June. Check the website www.CCACtx.org for more information or to volunteer.

Lockhart Cause for Paws is proud to have been a part of CCAC’s Operation Cat Fix,” said LCFP President Leslie Banks. “Since 2008, LCFP has devoted its efforts to helping our county’s low-income residents to care for their cats and dogs with low cost spay and neuter services. I believe this consolidated effort of donors and trappers on April 18 was a big step forward in our community’s struggle with overpopulation of unowned community cats. We invite every citizen and county and city leader to join us in this cause.”


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