Original Black’s BBQ Teacher of the Week


Name and grade you teach: Jan L. Nickells 9th grade.

What subjects do you teach? English 1.

Hometown: Orange Grove, Texas

Where did you graduate and with what degree(s)? Texas State University–BA in English.

Favorite thing(s) about teaching at Lockhart ISD: “I absolutely love the people, students, and atmosphere here at Lockhart High School!”

How would your friends describe you? “My friends would say I’m passionate but with a bit of obsessiveness, very empathic, and always curious.”

What values are most important to you? “I value hard work and effort. With both of these, anyone can accomplish what they set out to do.”

Talents: “Not sure if this is a talent: I restore antique furniture, love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, and baking.”

Favorite books: “This is a hard one, as I’m an avid reader… Right now I am loving the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Harry Potter. I am a huge Harry Potter fan.”

Favorite music: “Anything from John Prine to Rhianna to Mozart — I love all music!”

Hobbies: “My family and I love being outside, hiking, fishing, or just exploring new areas.”

What brings you hope? “My students bring me hope. These kiddos are growing up in an unkind world full of challenges, but they show up everyday and try to make their lives better. They TRY. They might not succeed, but they make an effort. I can’t imagine some of the difficulties our students face daily, and then to have to go to school on top of all of that. They come to school and try to make life better for themselves. That’s hopeful to me. Seeing my students come in, and try, despite what else is going on in their lives. They keep trying. That brings me hope.”

Family: Husband, Trey Nickells; three daughters, Alyson, Madison, and Dylan; two dogs, Nala and Max; three cats, Buffey, Ned, and Lucky.


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