UPDATED: Pallets of water delivered to Lockhart


By Kristen Meriwether, Editor LPR

UPDATED AT 1:30 P.M.: Maxwell Fire Department’s notice on water distribution, per their Facebook Page:

“Hello Maxwell and Martindale Residents! We will begin distributing water packs at 2:30 today at the Maxwell Community Volunteer Fire Department located at 9655 TX-142 in Maxwell. We will be giving one case per household for those of you that reside in Maxwell and Martindale. Supplies are extremely limited so please only come if you are in need. The water will be distributed on a first come first come first serve basis until we run out. If you have extenuating circumstance that prevent you from picking up please private message our page. We will see about arranging delivery on a case by case basis. Thank you.”

UPDATED at 12:04 p.m. All of the water bottles have been distributed at the Lockhart Junior High School.

The Maxwell Fire Department has picked up a pallet for distribution in their area. It will be delivered to the Maxwell Fire Station and they said they will be delivering it to those in need. You can check their Facebook page or text 512-395-7184 to let them know your needs. **This will only be for Maxwell residents.

The Luling Fire Department has picked up their pallet for distribution. Please check their Facebook page for updates.

County officials said they hope to get more, but have no confirmed deliveries as of noon on Friday.

UPDATED at 9:20 a.m.: Two pallets of the 19 will be saved for pickup by the Luling Fire Department and the Maxwell Fire Department for distribution in those areas. Times and pickup will be determined based on pickup from Lockhart Junior High. Look for posts from the respective fire departments for updates.

A truck with 19 pallets of bottled water arrived at the Lockhart Junior High School on Friday Feb. 19. The truck contains 720 cases of water to help thirsty residents. 

“We appreciate TEDEM for filling our STAR request and all of our volunteers for helping to unload and distribute the water,” Judge Hoppy Haden said at the Junior High on Friday morning. 

The shipment is one of 18 trucks Caldwell County ordered from the state prior to the water being turned off.

“The next truck will probably go to Luling and if we get a third truck, we will send it to Martindale,” Judge Haden said. “We will continue to rotate them as we get them through the communities.”

Beginning at 9 a.m. on Feb. 19 residents can pick up the water at the Lockhart Junior High School. They will be handing out one case per carload.


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