Search continues for missing K-9 cop


By LPR Staff

The newest member of the Lockhart Police Department has gone missing, after less than a week on duty.

On Monday afternoon, during a training exercise at the police department gun range, near the Lockhart Municipal Airport, 2-year-old Chase, a black lab recently acquired by the department, escaped from his restraint duri

ng a training exercise, and has been missing ever since.

Presumably frightened by the noise at the range, Chase, a trained drug-sniffing dog, escaped from his collar and was last seen running south from the range. An extensive search of the area, which included a cooperative effort with the residents of the area, police department officers and other law enforcement from the area, turned up short through Monday evening and most of the day Tuesday.

The search included not only a manual search of the neighboring properties on foot, but an aerial search with the assistance of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Chase, who reported for duty Friday, Aug. 6, was trained in Schulenberg, and police department officials suggested he might be trying to make his way home.

Top cop Mike Lummus said Chase is a friendly and good-natured animal, who is unlikely to be a danger to anyone that he comes in contact with. Rather, Lummus said, Chase’s personality is such that might come up to a house, or get into a car with a passerby.

Experts suggest because he was initially scared, and has now been lost for two days, Chase might be skittish. However, because his training focused on drug detection, rather than attack and detention, it is possible that he will be nervous around strangers. However, Lummus stressed, Chase is friendly, and not dangerous.

Because he’s been with the department such a short time, no pictures of Chase were available at press time.

The Lockhart Police Department is offering a $500 reward for Chase’s safe return. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Lockhart Police Department at (512) 398-4401.


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