So Hum So Well so very pleasant 


By Kyle Mooty

LPR Editor

Walking into So Hum So Well, you quickly understand the business’ name as you are welcomed by a warm and comfortable setting.

The business is a collection of “years of practice and study of wellness,” according to co-owner Angela Bartys-Peters. “It’s just holistic living; all the things that kind of spark our joy.”

Angela and her sister, Allie Cook, co-own So Hum So Well. It’s located at 1205 Blackjack Street, the former home of a veterinary clinic. The business opened earlier this year on April 1.

Offering a mix of retail, vintage items, and other products, So Hum So Well also offers classes, a contrast room with an infrared sauna, as well as a cold plunge.

Cook said the contrast room can be booked for an hour and clients can go back and forth from hot and cold elements. There are also 30-minute sessions, and even a 10-minute cold plunge.

There are also yoga classes.

“We are in the middle of restructuring our offerings,” Cook said. “We do have slow-flow yoga class,” Cook said. “We have Binyasa where we do group meditation and breath work.”

All of So Hum So Well’s classes are donation-based.

There is a Saturday strength and mobility class held outdoors where clients end with an ice bath in large tubs filled with ice. Ethan Peters runs the men’s fitness groups on Saturdays. There are men’s and women’s groups.

“We have message and one-on-one sound healing and breath work sessions,” Bartys-Peters said.

“We’re growing. Our events have 20 to 25 people. Our classes are more intimate with three to five people.”

Cook said most of the clients come for the contrast room or the retail items.

“We have lots of shoppers,” Cook said. “They love the crystals.”

Bartys-Peters noted among the retail items are herbal medicines, with functional mushrooms the most popular.

“They are amazing for your health,” Bartys-Peters said. “They are one of the things that changed my life. We offer the top six most popular, most studied functional mushrooms in different forms – powdered, tinctured — an extraction of an herb or plant, in this case fungi. You take the drops. It’s a liquid. There are capsules as well and mushroom coffee. They really get into your body and figure out where you need support. If you are inflamed or stressed somewhere, they’re incredibly wise. They go through the body and figure out what’s sending out the most signal of stress.”

So Hum So Well also sells CBD, with some of its most popular items being the Fungi Five. There are CBD gummies and some of the herbs can be taken via baggies where they can be used as capsules, teas, or oils.

Crystals are also very popular.

Tallow soaps come from a cow’s fat, something Bartys-Peters said is “is really nutrient dense and moisturizing.”

The business is continually adding to its retail line.

“Most of our products are based in reconnecting with the land, so we’re finding ways to connect with nature and finding these beautiful God-given medicines that we have all around us with the plants and the animals and trying to work with the environment,” Bartys-Peters said.

“Overall, we’re a community space. We have a lot of people that just want to come in and drink some tea and talk. There are studies that have been done and continue to be done that show that social connection and spending time with others is incredibly healing. Loneliness is kind of a pandemic… and has been. We love to let people know this is a safe haven, a place to come and unwind and connect and talk, ask questions.”

So Hum So Well has free wi-fi and is open Wednesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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