County hopes to lure factory


By LPR Staff

A Corpus Christi factory is eyeing a move to Caldwell County, pending the approval of a Texas Capital Fund grant.
RAD-TEC Fabricators, Inc. approached the Caldwell County Commissioners” Court on Monday to request the County”s assistance in obtaining the grant, which will allow the company to move its base of operations t

o Reedville, creating about 15 jobs for county residents.
The Texas Capital Fund Program, administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture, requires a government entity to sponsor grant awards for building construction improvements – called “real estate awards” – the type of grant RAD-TEC is seeking. Under the program, Caldwell County could be awarded the grant to purchase the Reedville property, then enter into a lease agreement with RAD-TEC. The company would be responsible for repayment of the grant award over a period of 20 years.
County Judge H.T. Wright expressed a number of concerns about the development of the factory, which recycles used tires. He suggested the tires stored outside the factory might create an eyesore, and the factory itself could be a fire hazard.
Mike Radovanov, president of RAD-TEC assured the panel that this recycling process uses electrically-heated oil instead of fire. He noted that in more than 20 years in business, there has never been a fire in one of his factories, but that fire extinguishers are stored throughout the facilities in case one should erupt.
Radovanov further said his recycling process does not create air pollution, and the only waste materials are the nylon and steel taken from the tires.
The county will announce a public hearing in the coming weeks to further discuss the proposal with the community.
In brief board news:
The Commissioners opted to keep the outdoor burning ban and Emergency Order in place. Until further notice, use of any combustible material outdoors, with the exception of professional welders using an assistant as a “spotter,” is illegal. Burn ban violations are a Class C Misdemeanor, carrying a fine of up to $500.
County Extension Agent Rachel Bauer announced that the Luling Stock Show, held the weekend of Jan. 21, raised over $102.000.
The County paid bills in the amount of $70,305.44, including $4,445 for indigent legal defense.
The Caldwell County Commissioners meet on the second, third and fourth Monday of each month at 9 a.m. in Room 100 of the Caldwell County Courthouse


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