Girls Little League All Stars fall to Seguin


By Alonzo Garza

What started out as a fairly even game in the beginning ended in a significantly lop-sided loss for Lockhart’s 9-10 year-old Girls All Stars team. Lockhart lost 22-1 to Seguin in four long innings at the Johnny Hazelett Memorial Field on Friday, June 27.
Seguin’s All Stars were just that, all stars. Each player was skilled

at her position and none were afraid of the ball. More importantly, they were not afraid of getting dirty.
The game was not stopped using the ten run rule because the rule does not apply to the All Star games. It is worth mentioning that the Lockhart team never quit. Undaunted, they continued to play as best they could, considering the powerhouse plays the Sequin team kept dishing out. The following day, Seguin obliterated another team 33-2 on the same field.
The Lockhart girls took their defeat with dignity and grace. There was no crying, name-calling or cursing at the end of the game, as is often seen with boys’ teams. The girls’ parents should be proud of their children for exhibiting great maturity and sportsmanship.
Coaching the team this year were Richard Gonzales and Marty Litchfield. Players participating in Friday’s game were catcher Tristan St. Peter, first baseman Kendra Litchfield, second baseman Ileana Gonzales, third baseman Rebecca Knowlton, short stop Chelsea Osborn, pitcher Kyla Gibbs, left fielder Alaura Estrada, center fielder Moira Salinas and right fielder Melanie Jones. Rounding out the rest of the team were Kristya Rodgers, Sara Hamby and Raven Smith.
The All Stars bounced back from their loss to beat Seguin in a later game, and appeared in the division”s championship game on Thursday evening. Check next week”s Post-Register for details.


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