Jesus is permanent protection from the dark


For what use is it to gain all the wealth and power of this world, with everything it could offer you, at the cost of your own life?

Sitting alone in the dark Thursday morning as the rain belted down, I pondered this question Jesus asked his friends. Reaching over to the lamp beside my chair, I fumbled with the pull chain as my wife’s little white chihuahua whimpered and scratched at my leg. With a flash the darkness is pierced with lightning illuminating the room. Jumping up frantically into my lap with a slight yelp, the little dog hurries to bed down, even as the thunder rolls across the sky. I know little guy, storms can be scary, I say, while softly rubbing his head.

Like myself, my wife’s little dog is looking for safety. His, he believes at this moment, will be found in my lap. Mine, well that’s another issue all together. For you see I don’t want a temporary lap to hide in from the storm. I want a fortress to stand above the storm, a strong tower, a rock unmoved by the changing of the seasons, a place that surrounds and sustains me. I am in desperate need of the same thing every person who walks this earth needs. What you need!

So let me tell you about my place of safety and how it could benefit you. When I was a child my parents raised me on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Besides being simply country folks, my parents pursued a vibrant daily walk in the presence of their Lord. They expected him to meet their needs, as they acknowledged Godly truths through the practice of his ways. One of these truths is the person of Jesus Christ.

I trust Jesus, not just because I was taught his ways. I trust Jesus for I have met him. That’s right, you read that statement correctly. I have met Christ. First when I was seven and trusted his word, praying my acknowledgment of who he is and what he has done for me. Then as I’ve matured he has stayed close beside me. Most people place a lot of emphasis on what they understand in the moment, discounting things contrary to their own views. With Jesus being with me continually, my understanding is constantly growing. Opening me to experience life in it’s fullness. Saving me from the decay of a worldly curse.

Jesus’s Christ truth is displayed for all to see. No wealth promised, no celebrity status offered, no political power suggested, just the peace and direction given by the Creator of your being.

But so is the message of the fallen world.

On TV right now, on nearly every channel, someone is selling something. And all they want to do is save you. Save you from injustice, save you from wasting money, save you from smelling, save you from… well you name it. From lawyers, to insurance, to bars of soap, promises, promises, promises. And it’s not just advertising. The theme of people needing to be saved is played out in nearly every drama, comedy and reality show on TV. And now with the social media blitz, the deluge is even greater.

Salvation, true salvation, not the trash thrown at you by a deplorable world is yours for the asking. So, if my statement is true and salvation is free, one might ask why are so many people entertained by watching others pain. Why do we turn to things that bring us down. Why do we swim among the garbage that is hurting so many of our friends. Does it make us feel better to only observe from a safe distance as we are watching other’s suffering.

I don’t know for certain, but it sure looks to me like someone wants people to feel better about themselves through the suffering of others. At least that’s the advertising pitch played out in constant blast. That way when focused on others’ issues you can pretend yours don’t exist. It is a trick! A lie!

A way to keep you blind to the fact Jesus Christ loves you and came that you might have life, true life. Not the bargain basement existence the world desires you to live. And I’m not talking stuff. Plenty of people have stuff and are miserable. I am talking forgiveness, healing, emotional support, understanding, peace and most of all, a loving, merciful relationship with the one who knows you like no other.

Here at Easter, we see colorful eggs hidden that children might be entertained. But the depth and reality of Jesus’s crucifixion, cannot be glossed over by shallow celebrations of another pastel holiday. I will leave you with more words spoken by Jesus to his friends.

For if you let your life go for my sake (control, direction, purpose) and for the sake of the gospel (good news), you will continually experience true life. But if you try to keep your life for yourself, you will forfeit what you try to keep. 


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