Kent Black’s Pickin’ Panel victory big for 4:12 Kids


Kent Black and 4:12 Kids were the big winners of football season, wrapping up with Super Bowl XVIII. However, all of the pre-selected charities will receive a donation thanks to The Original Black’s BBQ.

The Pickin’ Panel was won by Kent Black, who beat out Dyral Thomas and Kyle Mooty by just one game.

Kent Black’s charity of choice, 4:12 Kids, will receive a $500 donation from the Post-Register.

Additionally, The Original Black’s BBQ will donate $250 each to the other seven chosen charities.

Kent Black finished just 5-10 with the Super Bowl prop picks, but managed to finish 178-92 overall, a game ahead of Thomas (9-6) and Mooty (8-7), who each finished 177-93.

The final records, including the Super Bowl picks were as follows:

Kent Black, 178-92 (5-10)

Daryl Thomas, 177-93 (9-6)

Kyle Mooty, 177-93 (8-7)

Meredith Jakovich, (173-97 (5-10)

Cynthia Vasquez, (167-103 (8-7)

Barrett Black, 164-106 (6-9)

Mark Estrada, 158-112 (5-10)

Nick Sedlachek, 154-116 (5-10)

The remaining pre-selected charities include (Hays-Caldwell Women’s Shelter (Barrett Black), Caldwell County Food Bank (Meredith Jakovich), Education Foundation for Lockhart ISD (Mark Estrada), Lockhart High School Culinary program (Cynthia Vasquez), Earmine Carter Scholarship Fund (Daryl Thomas), Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (Nick Sedlacheck), and Lockhart Animal Shelter (Kyle Mooty).


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