L.H.S. harriers place at meet


The Lockhart High School cross country team traveled to College Station last weekend, Sept. 10, for a meet against some highly-competitive teams.
For the Lions” varsity team, Nick Yunkun finished 9th with 15:21, Justin Platt finished 40th with 16:05, Clay Culpepper finished 43rd with 16:08, Jonathan Fitzgerald finished 45th with 16:10, Nic Alford finished 65th with 16:

24, Sean Smith finished 78th with 16:38, Stoney McCrary finished 80th with 16:40, Scott Woody finished 98th with 17:09, James Silva finished 103rd with 17:16, James Saldana finished 124th with 17:30, James Bonn finished 134th with 17:58, and Marcos Gonzales finished 136th with 18:01.
For the Lions” junior varsity team, Zavier Thomas finished 97th with 18:11, Alfredo Maderal finished 113th with 18:30, Cameron Peters finished 114th with 18:30, Scotty Castanon finished in 18:38, Jose Medina finished 141st with 19:17, Steve Gonzales finished 144th with 19:19, Javier Perales finished in 19:54, AJ Maderal finished in 19:54, Richard Ascerno finished 179th with 20:42, Gabe Atwell finished 182nd with 20:53, Jordan Delgado finished 190th with 21:48, and Jonathan Farias finished 197th with 22:48.
For the Lady Lions” varsity team, Tami Warner finished 46th with 20:08, Livi Massey finished 67th with 21:01, Aly Daily finished 73rd with 21:25, Jannah Platt finished 78th with 21:54, Courtney Lee finished 82nd with 22:05, and Naomi Oliva finished 87th with 22:18.
For the Lady Lions” junior varsity team, Aly Gonzales finished 39th with 13:00, Leandra Garcia finished 59th with 13:34, Tera Alford finished 72nd with 13:52, Shelby Ohlendorf finished 80th with 13:59, Ashlyn Spring finished 89th with 14:11, Jessica Herrera finished 99th with 14:32, Elizabeth Garcia finished 101st with 14:39, and Mary Woody finished 109th with 15:07.


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