Letters – Former Luling officer refutes Brent’s claims


To the Editor:

I’m writing in reference to David Brent’s recent letter to the Editor. Mr. Brent failed to mention that the programs he listed: Narcotics Task Force, Explorers and DARE have long been dead and are no longer in existence.

I would also like to mention that the Narcotics Task Force had absolutely no impact on Brent’s home town, and that the o

nly narcotics arrests being made in Luling were by Luling police officers.

How would I know, you ask?

I was working in Luling as a police officer at the time. I would encourage the public to do their own research and refuse to be misled by propaganda.
Politicians depend on the majority of the public to follow sheepishly. I can see why an employee would do it to retain their position, but I encourage readers to think for themselves and do not leave everything open for rumor or conjecture.

Shad McIntosh


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