Letters – Reader encourages county to ‘Shop Lockhart’


This is a belated response to the article “Commissioners discuss rising cost of dying” in the April 26 edition of the Lockhart Post-Register.
How can the Caldwell County (yes, that is where we live and pay taxes) Commissioners grant a contract to All Faiths Funeral Home and Crematory in Austin (Travis County — no, we do not live there)?
Have the Caldwell County

Commissioners ever heard the phrase “SHOP LOCKHART?”
I can not believe that all of Caldwell County is not upset about this issue. Maybe it is because it is about indigent funeral services – the poor and dying are not issues that most people are concerned about – unless you are a poor person with a death in the family.
Why can”t the Caldwell County Commissioners Court rely on Caldwell County funeral directors to take care of our own?
No, just ship them off to Austin, and make the Caldwell County family deal with Austin and Travis County!
Let”s take care of our own in life and in death – in Caldwell County!
Susan Patton


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