Letters – Reader praises Henk, students, community


To the Editor:
Last Friday the Post-Register front page celebrated our graduating seniors’ success on the TAKS exams. What a wonderful achievement and shining tribute to the many years of hard work behind those promising results. Parents, students, teachers and leadership have labored side by side towards the common goal of quality education to help secure a promisin

g future for our youth.

Working in LISD has allowed me to see first hand the hard work of the schools’ teachers and leadership. The district leaders provide oversight for the greater goals, while the diligent daily work of outstanding leaders within each school, our principals, inspire and lead the rest of the staff and teachers to accomplish the critical incremental goals so necessary to leading students into success.

We honor and salute them all!

In particular, I would like to recognize Mr. John Henk, principal of the M. L. Cisneros campus. Mr. Henk has been a wonderful mentor to all of us who have worked for him. His unwavering sense of fairness and integrity, his dedication to delivering the very best that he can for everyone on his campus – students, parents, and staff – has been an inspiration to students and staff alike in creating a successful and very positive learning “community.”

Mr. Henk has led the M. L. Cisneros Campus to “Recognized” status every school year since 2006. Last year he led the staff and students to the coveted “Exemplary” award, the highest level of state recognition. Only two schools in the district were awarded this distinction.

In fact, last year the Freshman M. L. Cisneros Campus was ranked second in the entire state when compared with other similar schools.

Kudos to Mr. John Henk, LISD, and the Lockhart community!
Carol Benson


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