Letters – Resident berates “dumpers”


Letter to the Editor:
I am hoping that you will address the SUB-humans for me. The “SUB-humans” being people that have a pet and take it out to the country and dump it out.
What, if ANYTHING, are they thinking – that someone will pick them up and give them a home? Not likely.
Mostly because the animals are scared – not knowing where they are or why they are

there. They are afraid of anyone that tries to approach them. They think, “Surely this must be some mistake. I love my family and they love me, too… Don”t they? They will he back for me just as soon as they realize that I am missing.”
This doesn”t happen.
Most of the time, the animal dies – alone, scared, hungry and, like now, cold and lots of times, injured.
This is directed at those “SUB-humans,” but the worst kind are like the one or ones that brought a little brown Dachshund out to the Clearfork area when we had the 20 degree nights. He was probably 13 to 15 years old, he had cataracts in both eyes and he had mange.
Now, he had been someone”s loyal family member for many years, and they just dumped him out here like so much garbage. I ask you what kind of person could do this.
It has to be a heartless, cruel, thoughtless, inconsiderate, I could go on and on, anyway the worst kind of “SUB-human.”
When you take on an animal, you are saying that you will take care of this animal to the best of your ability. If you can”t do that, you have no business with it.
If, for some reason, you can”t take care of your pet or animal anymore – take it to the animal shelter. At least they will take care of it, while they have it, and try to find it a home. And if not… A quick death is better than a lingering one.
So, think about it before you dump your animal out on the side of the road to, usually, die a horrible, lingering death.
Gloria Gott


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