Letters – Resident feels abandoned by courts, CCAD


To the Editor:
I have never felt so lonely and abandoned in my life.

This isolation comes from the lack of any news media doing follow up on what I consider the biggest corruption story of the Judicial system since lynchings.
Since Jan. 2008 I have been locked in vindictive “War of Wills” with the Texas Judiciary and Caldwell County, I believe, a WAR

waged by them against anyone who tries to represent themselves in Court and questions their authoritarian, “ivory tower status.”

There have been six Judges removed in this case, yet when the Supreme Court Justice appointments a new one he sends everyone involved the notice except me.

Must be intellectual snobbery, the last one I was not aware of for 30 days.

I believe these Judges are saying and doing things to provoke me to act inappropriately so they can use that as an excuse to dismiss the case or have me arrested, they tried, March 2008.

The outrageous way I have been treated, threatened by the Attorney General, handcuffed by Court bailiffs, treated differently when it comes notices, continuances and orders can not be accidental or incompetence, I can’t remove the Judges, the system does.

When I told the Court in 2008 I could not be present at a ordered inspection of the property because my son was graduating as a Naval Officer, I was threaten with contempt of Court, then charged, yet the County’s attorney can file for a continuance because he was going out of town for his 2009 Thanksgiving and it’s granted.

There are hundreds of these incidences the past two years of, “in your face,” violations of court rules, statutory law and Constructional rights. To tell you all of them would consume this newspaper.

This case, the way it’s been handled, over 60 delays, the way I have been treated makes no sense that the media will not even interview me, yet some guy inappropriately confronts a Caldwell Judge and gets a Statesman’s front page story eight months after the fact.

The Caldwell County case, 08-O-002, came from a $69,000 difference between the 2005 purchase price and the 2006 Tax Appraisal.

They raised it the next year $9,980 and we filed again, that’s the pending litigation.

In the text of the case I predicated the recent fall of real estate values in Texas, something the government cannot afford to lose, the case or the tax revenue.

The irony is, they reduced this years tax base by $1,100.

This has consumed my life, it should not have, I can not do anything knowing that the Court as they just did, will set a hearing without consulting me hoping I will not show, thus dismiss the case. It has also consumed tens of thousands of tax dollars for lawyer fees on a case they will never win.

I just thought you should know, know not to protest your tax statement so you can roll over and let them scratch your belly, that’s what they want.
Deward Cummings


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